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It’s Potty Time!

As a mother of 4, the question I get asked the most is…”How did you potty train?” Many moms even tell me that will willingly pay large amounts of money if I would potty train their children, wouldn’t be a bad side hustle if I had any patience left after my own four! With that said, potty training shouldn’t be a stressful event…for anyone!!

I followed the same method for each and every child. While I used the same method the journey was different with each of them. Let me rephrase this…EVERY CHILD WILL BE DIFFERENT and that is okay, they will get there…I promise!

You are reading this because you know the potty training process is in your near future. The first tip I can offer is to make sure you are committed, if you are not committed your child won’t be either. It’s a group effort!

It’s never too early to get your child familiar with a potty, whether big or small let them explore…without hands in the water of course!! As early as one years old I was putting the small potty out just to see, play with and sit on, diaper or not, they are getting familiar with something different. This gives them the ability to learn and explore on their terms rather than introduce an unfamiliar feature into their life and expect results…that can be scary for a little one.

Age: Like I said, every child is different so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen the first try. I start all of mine from about 18-22 months. I say start because at 18 months I would actually take the diaper off and let them try as much as they wanted but I didn’t dive in until approximately 22 months. At 22 months I was about 2 months out from the birth of my next child. We all know how expensive diapers can be, and I didn’t want to pay for 2 in diapers if I didn’t have to!!

After you have established when you want to start, check your calendar and set aside at least 3 days you can be home, no errands, no interruptions just 3 full days annoyingly following your toddler around asking if they need to go potty!

Be prepared! Potty charts and little rewards are exciting for a toddler!! Head over to my printables page to get started!! Once printed, hang them on the door and head to the store. Let them pick out their favorite stickers to fill in the chart! Letting them be a part of the process will help encourage and help them understand!

Rewards: I used M&Ms for my oldest, skittles for my 2nd, my 3rd could have cared less and my 4th thought any time he sat on the potty he deserved a treat! I only gave them treats if something on the potty happened…even a little drop is progress in my book!!

So you have everything you need, now ditch those diapers!! Once they are gone…don’t go back! Some like to start with underwear, I do not. I go with the bare bottom. I do this because when they do start to pee you can see and tell them to hold it and run to the potty. This helps train the muscles to hold the potty. Another reason, is some kids think that underwear is just the same as diapers and will hold everything in after they go.

Be annoying!! Ask or take them to the potty often!! They are little, telling you that they have to go will not happen right away. I took my kids every 10 minutes if not 5. It takes dedication for potty training but by day 3 you will see a huge difference. I like to give my kids plenty to drink, that way they have to go often.

Yay! They successfully went to the potty for the first time!! Celebrate!! THIS IS HUGE!! You feel accomplishment and they do too!! That sticker chart will fill up fast!!

Nap time and bed time: Try not to put a diaper or pull up on. Do…put the plastic liner on the bed and just try it. They may surprise you. Again I want to restate…EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT. Night time wetting may not come right away. My oldest was a literal potty training dream…Potty trained in 2 days at 22 months and never had an accident over night. This gave me unrealistic expectations for my ones to follow. This will come too, some may take to it right away others it could be years before it happens….and again. That is okay.

After 3 days and you feel confident enough to make a short trip out in public…go. Take a change of clothes, a travel potty if you want to. Some kids tend to be afraid of the big potty or public toilets. I put the underwear back on after day 3. You may have a few accidents that day because again, this is something new to them. Every day from there on out should only get better.

Congrats, Mama! You made it!

If the process doesn’t work the first couple days, take a break and come back to it in a week or two. You want to keep this as stress free as possible!!

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